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Friday, October 05, 2007

How to send fake emails

What will inspire, whom will be inspired and when will they be inspired is not known. The majestic look of a pilot on plane may inspire a boy to become a pilot. Sri.Abdul Kalam may inspire an engineering student by his autobiography “Wings of Fire”. Sun TV News may inspire small kids to become a Sunitha Williams or a Sania Mirsa. Just like that, what we say here is to encourage the people who are willing to grow and not to talk too much on techies. Basically to give confidence to youngsters, “Common man, to resolve, to achieve, and to find, a lot of things are out there, come up man.”

Won’t you get astonished for a minute if you receive a serious mail from the email address, You can make fun by easily sending such fake emails to your friends.
How? All that is because of Cdonts. For example, in the following link, in which Cdonts is used, if you give your friend’s email address at To: and his girl friend's email address at From: and click "Send Message", depending on the matter you typed in the mail, your friend may mad at his girl friend the next day or become cool with her. There is certainly no chance for him to know that the mail is the result of your fun making activity.
It is very easy to send fake emails like this. Only experts must say whether there is any way to avoid this. Until then, we have to be remaining careful.

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