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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Solution for Fire Fox Error Code -12219 when trying to access SSL connections

Ceedo has prepared a software Hotfix for FireFox installation.
This update is a patch and will be replaced in the future with a Generic solution embedded in Ceedo platform.

If you install FireFox from Ceedo Programs Directory (the Add Programs menu on Ceedo) the new installation there already includes this fix since September 12, 2006.

If FireFox is already installed on your drive and you have this problem then you need to go to the following link and run the Hotfix.
This Hotfix can be launched only from a MS IE browser activated from inside ceedo, a browse that have the little Ceedo icon on the caption bar of the window.

Monday, October 02, 2006

firstRSS not parsing HTML error-FIX

I found this great RSS aggregator "firstRSS", easy and simple plug-in for any word press blogs. Just paste a code on your post, it just start works. But I came through lot of trouble to make it work. People said "a monkey can make it work”. It did not work for me. That was good. After hours of investigation I found some interesting stuffs.

The problem was ‘powered by firstRSS' shows in the post but no RSS content.

Step one: First try this RSS feed before trying any other RSS feeds.
Because it seems like not all kind of feeds are supported by firstRSS. Now you are sure whether the problem is with the feed or not

Step two: If the above given feed is not working for you that mean something wrong with your hosting provider. They are not supporting "fopen" because of security reasons. "fopen" is something to do with PHP. So try to fix it with your hosting provider (Edit php.ini?) or better think about a different hosting provider or think about a different aggregator tool.
I tried firstRSS with godaddy. It was not working. So I guess if you have hosted it on godaddy firstRSS may not work. I tried a really cheap hosting provider. It works fine now.
So I guess you got me. Try it. If got any trouble let me know. I share it with my experience try it with your own risk. No guarantee.:)

Get this tool from here