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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Benefits of virtualization

1.Faster server provisioning
2.Fewer physical servers means lowering monthly power and cooling costs in the data center.
3.Fewer physical servers means less data center floor space required.
4.Increase uptime with vmotion,svmotion,fault tolerance, high availability, and distributed resource scheduling etc
5.Better utilization of computing resources.Multiple apps and OS in single physical server.
6.No hardware dependency.
7.Easy and flexible infrastructure management

Friday, August 24, 2012

USB and VMware ESX

USB devices are not supported for ESX 4.0 and below.Use parallel port or Digi International has developed AnywhereUSB Remote I/OConcentrator, which utilizes USB over IP Technology.

ESX 4.1 does support USB controllers.ESX 4.1 supports USB device passthrough- Add USB controller and a USB device.
One virtual USB controller per VM.
Per VM max 20 USB devices.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Difference between Vmotion and SVmotion

Vmotion - move from one host to other, disk remains same.
SVmotion - move from one disk to other, host remains same.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Thin provisioning vs Thick provisioning

Thin provisioning  - In this format, the size of the VDMK file occupies on the datastore only the size of how much it is used. For example, if you create a 500GB virtual disk, and place 100GB of data in it, the VMDK file will be 100GB in size in the disk.

Thick provisioning  - If you create a 500GB virtual disk, and place 100GB of data in it, still the VMDK will appear to be 500 GB at the datastore filesystem, but contains only 100GB of data on disk.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Citrix interview questions

What all are the versions of Citrix?
2001 MetaFrame XP
2002 MetaFrame XP with Feature Release 1
2002 MetaFrame XP with Feature Release 2
2003   MetaFrame XP Presentation Server, with Feature Release 3
2004 MetaFrame Presentation Server 3.0
2005 Presentation Server 4.0
2007 Presentation Server 4.5
2007 Presentation Server 4.5, with Feature Pack 1
2008        Citrix XenApp

What is the name of  Citrix Systems proprietary presentation layer protocol?
Independent Computing Architecture (ICA).

What is the speciality of ICA?
It sends screen updates and mouse movements updates in kb size from client to server.Soo thin communication.

What is the ICA port number?
ICA  port number :1494
ICA Protocol on UDP :1604
If Session Reliability is enabled, TCP port 2598 replaces port 1494 as the port that the ICA protocol uses.

What is IMA protocol?
IMA stands for Independent Management Architecture.
It is used for server-to-server communication like licensing, server load updates etc, all which occurs "behind the scenes."

What is Data Collector?
Server which stores dynamic data such as logon info, app usage info etc (zone can be based on geolocation or subnet)

What is the difference between Dynamic Store and Data store?
The data store is a database on disk. The dynamic store is information stored in memory.

How to look the contents of the in-memory "dynamic store" on the data collector?
use “queryds” command

How to determine which server is acting as the data collector in the zone?
run "query farm /zone" from the command line)

What is zone?
It is a grouping of Presentation Servers that shares the common Data Collector.

What is Data Store?
Server which stores static data such as published app,licence info, printers info,form config etc.

What is Farm?
It is a management boundary.All the servers in the farm share a single data store.
Allows to configure features and settings for the entire farm rather than configuring each server individually

What is Local host cache?
If presentation server not connected with data store server, it uses Local host cache.

How to recreate the local host cache file?
dsmaint recreatelhc

What is shadowing?
You can view another user’s session on another device by using shadowing.