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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Zip Weapon

We have heard sometimes people saying, “That fellow is loitering with a bomb in his lap.” Similarly, it can be said that you are wandering with a bomb in your computer if you have this file in your computer .Get this file from . Why is it said like that?

This is called the Zip bomb or the Decompression Bomb. Every thing will be lost, if you unzip this zip file, even by mistake. There will be 16 zip files within this zip file. Those 16 zip files will get unzipped showing out further 16 zip files in each of them. Then those 16 zip files will get unzipped showing out further 16 zip files in each of them. Unzipping like this continuously, this 42.372 kb sized file will expand to become greater than 281 terra bites, thus having no space in the computer’s drive to stay. Net result will be: Everything stands still and the system crashes.

Present day virus scanners identify such files as ZIP-Crash Trojans and delete them immediately. If you don’t have a virus scanner in your computer, its fate will be pathetic. Please do not try this with your or with your friends’ computers. This information is for educational purpose only. :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Interesting calculation with your Credit Card Number

Credit Crunch of America has shaken the world economy to some extent. It may take some more time for this shaking to settle down. Who knows what are to happen within this short time?
The Chairman of the International Monetary Fund says that Dollar Has more Room to Fall over the next several years. He says that Euro is "very near" its equilibrium value. A person, facing disturbance in his physical state, will manage to balance himself to retain his original conditions of stability. This is the time the world economy is trying similarly to balance and correct itself.

People who could not afford have purchased houses availing loans for thousands of dollars and ultimately become unable to repay… As a result, all these problems have developed.

Even in India, this credit disturbance (Loan offers) is increasing day by day. For all countries, this is a lesson to learn from America, to realize how risky it is going to be to avail loans beyond repayment capacity.

Okay, let it be there. Do you know that there is some interesting calculation in your Credit Card Number? You can identify whether your card is a VISA card or a MASTERCARD card from its number itself. In general, the numbers of MASTERCARD type cards will start with 51-55. The numbers of VISA cards will start with 4.

Assume that you are shopping online as usual. You can see e-commerce facility, that is, some provision for the customers to make payments online at many websites. Such websites just by glancing at your credit card will be able to say whether the card is valid or fake. Then only, they will start financial transactions. How is this possible? Check digit algorithm MOD 10, that is, a formula, known as LUHN, comes into the scene for helping in such a validation process. You too can easily identify if a credit card number is valid or fake by applying this method of calculation.

See, here is the formula.

Leaving the right most number, double the alternate digits starting from the right side.
Then add all numbers. That is all. If the last digit of the answer is zero, (as in 30, 40, 50, etc) then it is a valid credit card number.
For example, let us assume that my credit card number is 49927398716.

The following is the outcome of applying the method.
4 9x2 9 2x2 7 3x2 9 8x2 7 1x2 6

The numbers we got by doubling the alternate digits (leaving the extreme right digit 6) are:
18 4 6 16 2

When you add these numbers now, you must take the two digit number 18 as 1+8 and the two digit number 16 as 1+6.

Now add all numbers.
4 + (1+8) + 9 + (4) + 7 + (6) + 9 + (1+6) + 7 + (2) + 6

Answer is 70. Therefore, this is, no doubt, a valid credit card number.
See another example in the picture. It is a fake credit card number.

This formula on Excel
This formula on Java
This formula on C#

Monday, October 29, 2007

Kinds of corporate birds

Most of us may have very interesting corporate experiences. If you treat the corporate as a birds sanctuary, the birds which have come to this sanctuary to live are of many kinds.

There are people who come neatly dressed in black and white coat – suite. They will not even bend their knees in the work place. They would attend long meetings. They are the PENGUINS in this sanctuary.

There are people who have wonderful creativity, versatility, imaginations and the ability to innovate. They are nothing but PEACOCKS.

People who pacify the fighting factions within the organization and manage to run it by providing solutions to the problems that develop from time to time due to internal politics are also available there. They are the poor PIGEONS.

Without having any ambition to achieve great things in life, many people are there who just move around within their working site. They don’t care what happens around. They are the low profile SPARROWS of the sanctuary.

Let anything happen to anyone. What is there for me to bother? There are people who have attitude like this. They are the OSTRICHES who hide their heads buried deep into the sands.

Just go around and view the pictures below. You will start thinking that all this applies to your organization too.

Download this Peacock.pps presentation from here

Friday, October 26, 2007

Google Sucks

It used to be in the past. During those days if you type failure or miserable on google it will show first the American White House web site. Now google has fixed this issue. (Following figure shows "before and after" google results).
It is to be noted that not even a single word like failure or miserable is there in the meta tag or content of the website of that American White House. So it is quite evident that the search robot of this google does not look for meta tag or content when it searches. What else does it look for? It is described as GoogleBombing.

It is said that a number of webmasters use the phrases ‘failure’ and ‘miserable failure’ to describe and link to President Bush's website, thus pushing it to the top of searches for those phrases. This is the explanation given by google. That is, this is a peculiar search algorithm. Shall we call it as google's success? It seems that we must have given the title as “Google Success”. Sorry, it is a typo.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Blue Screen of Death

No one is there in the world of Windows without knowing Blue Screen of Death or Bluescreen stop error or BSD error. The phrase, "Blue Screen of Death Error” that threaten computer experts, was coined by Erik Noyes in 1991. When he was working at the finance corporation, Charles Schwab and Co, he described this windows error as Blue Screen of Death to his customers. It has become a very popular word later.

When Microsoft champion Bill Gates introduced Windows98 operating system to the world, in that grand ceremony, COMDEX, in 1998, in a large screen placed in front of him, this Blue Screen appeared rendering the whole event shameful. Bill Gates had to manage at that time stating, "That is why we're not shipping Windows 98 yet". It is said that Windows crashes like this 25 million times a day through out the world. We have enough heard about Blue Screen of Death. Have you ever heard of Red Screen of Death?

It is said that some Windows Vista beta versions contain some rare Red Screen of Death. Do you say what is rare in it? :)

Red Screen of Death

Bill Gates at COMDEX 1998

Black Screen of Death

Glamorous Blue Screen of Death :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Some Useful Excel Spredsheets

India Related Excel sheets
Area of Mobile Number.xls
India ATM List.xls
India Baby Names.xls
India Best Websites.xls
India Hospitals.xls
India Radio Stations List.xls
India Service Providers.xls
India STD Codes.xls
India Toll Free Numbers.xls
India Trains.xls
India Univesities.xls
Mumbai Bus Routes.xls

Finance Calculators and Converters on Excel
BSE IndustryWise Classification Of The Company.xls
EMI Calculator.xls
Financial Calculator.xls
KharchaPani (Family Budget Planner).xls
Tax Calculator.xls
Unit conversion all in one.xls
Budget Planner.xls
Asia Pacific Budget Travel Planner Beta 1.02.xls
Index Calculations.xls
Margin Call Calculations.xls

Fun Games on Excel
Check Your concentration.xls
Color Test.xls
Frog Leap.xls
Logo Test Quiz.xls
Logo Test Quiz Answers.xls
Magic Spreadsheet.xls
Sudoku Solver beta2 V0.31.xls
Giant Sudoku.xls
Multiple Solution Sudoku.xls

Other Interesting Useful Excel sheets
Age Character Calculation.xls
Life Time Calendar.xls
Life Calculations.xls
Blood Group Diet.xls
Nokia Ringtones.xls
SMS Message Abreviations.xls
Mobile Phone Models and Rates.xls
World Time.xls

English to Tamil Dictionary free ebook Download. Right click and Save.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A hacking tip to parents

There are many parents who remain depressed a lot, worrying about the activities of their children who do something online sitting in front of the computers. There are several possibilities for the youngsters who are actively doing something online, to get diverted and cheated by some people in the internet world and thereby to become deteriorated in their life.

Here is a software program that helps you monitor each and every activity of your children in the computer. If you install this in your computer, all key strokes typed in the computer will be recorded. You can remain peaceful by opening the files in which the key strokes are recorded and viewing them.

As this software is sensitive, please handle it carefully. If you do not handle it properly, you too could become a victim of it. Here is some important information. Your own passwords and credit card numbers too will be recorded as key strokes. Therefore, it involves a lot of risk. Because of this, it is always safe to lock the computer or log out completely when you do not use the computer at your home or office.

If you keep your computer open when you are away from it, someone may install this kind of software in your computer. The wonder of this software is that it will be silently sitting inside your computer and sending everything you type to the person who installed it through email.

Product Page
Direct download link

Product Page
Direct download link

Monday, October 22, 2007

The story of Google

Google FoundersBackrub is the search engine, created as a matter of fun, by two Stanford University students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, for their Ph. D. research. At the beginning, after completing the creation of this search engine, they decided to sell this searching technique to some big company like Yahoo. As there was no one available to buy this, a company with the name Google was started in 1998.

In November 1998 only, the Google web site started showing its face as a first time. At the beginning, it was not possible for them to earn any significant amount of money. Sun and IBM gave a few Sun Ultra II, F50 IBM RS/6000 Servers as free donations. In 2001, Yahoo was bargaining with Google to buy it. Yahoo, without knowing the strength of a search engine, withdrew from this bargain as it thought that $5 Billion is too much money to buy a search engine. (What would have been the fate of Google if it were sold to Yahoo?...It is beyond imagination.)

When Google shares were released in 2004, all wondered how a web site with an empty home page having no advertisement in it was going to make money. In the first half of that year alone, Google earned $1.4 billion. Today, it is a $6.1 billion company.

Data center of this company has 450,000 servers.

Many kinds of servers are there from 533 MHz Intel Celeron to dual 1.4 GHz Intel Pentium III.

Locations: Mountain View, California, Virginia, Atlanta, Georgia, Dublin and Ireland. Finally, in 2006, a very big and very new one was established at The Dallas, Oregon.

In 2005 alone, Google has tabulated 8 billion pages.

They run all their programs in thousands of x86 servers, in their own Linux and in their own web server. The name of their web server is GWS/2.1. That is, Google Web Server, current Version 2.1. That is, Apache’s Google version.

And, here is some interesting information.

It is said that 20 megawatt electricity is needed for running all 450,000 servers. That is, Google’s monthly electricity bill is $2 million. Amazing!!!

You can see Google’s very first Production Server in the picture presented below. Now it is in the museum.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

IP for moon

Only a few days back, I posted the title, “IP Address Deficiency – The new form of the IP Address - IPv6”. I have mentioned in that posting that because the present IPv4s (Eg. do not have sufficient number of IP addresses, we must move to IPv6 (Eg. 2016:0fe8::0000:0000:0000:1975:69bf).
Our friend, Koothadi has posted his elaborate comment stating that there is no such urgent need immediately to switch over to the new form as address conversion techniques such as NAT, CIDR, PROXY etc. are currently available. This is absolutely true.

Now, a few interesting details about IPv6

The old IPv4 is 32 bit system where as the new IPv6 is 128 bit system.
Do you wonder what has happened to IPv5? The name of the Protocol, Internet Stream, that was found in 1970’ s is IPv5. Therefore, TCPIP Protocol, next to IPv4, became IPv6.

There is yet another name for IPv6. That is, IPng. Its expansion is: Internet Protocol next generation.

They are planning to change all computer networks of the American government to the new IP Address system IPv6 before June 30, 2008.

Using the old IPv4, we can not give even a single IP Address to each individual in the world. But, using the new IPv6, we can give as many as 50000000000000000000000000000 IP Addresses to each and every person, living in the world.

With this IPv6, we can give as many as 7000000000000000 IP Addresses to each of the innumerable stars in the sky. Great?

Hereafter, even if you give IP Addresses to all items such as car, i-pod, fridge, tv, money-purse, phone, bag, keychain etc, it seems that only IPv6 will rule the world as long as humanity is to survive. To know if IPv6 is installed in your computer, click the link given below. Show My IPv6 Status

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Lotus 123 and our Padmasana

When most of us started our computer age, Wordstar and Lotus 123 were the most popular software programs, in those days itself. Though we have advanced a lot now with Office Word, Excel etc, we do not forget the old ones easily. Lotus 123 is one among such old items. Here is an interesting story about Lotus 123. The founder of the Lotus Company, Mitch Kapor, who developed Lotus 123, is said to be a sincere disciple of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi from India. When Mitch Kapor, who had expertise in Transcendental Meditation to the extent of teaching it to masses, wanted to give a name to the company he founded, he selected the name lotus which refers to Padmasana, one of the postures of yoga meditation. This company, which released several software programs such as lotus 123, lotus domino and lotus notes later, was purchased by IBM. Don’t think that he is an Indian as his name is Mitch Kapor and he has interest in yoga meditation. His family is said to have migrated in those days from Georgia in Russia to America.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Grow with the people who grow

Hot discussions about Sethusamudram Project, the risk for the government to get toppled due to the American nuke deal, ruling parties without having time to think about anything, opposition parties with hotter and newer issues daily, amongst all this, beyond doubt, is growing our Bharatha Matha. All accept that it is the private sector that greatly supports this growth. We have mentioned previously about entering the share market (Make fortunes with Share market), to grow with the people who grow. Our finance minister P. Chidambaram has cautioned that small investors must be very careful in the present hot share market. The same idea has been conveyed by our friend SRI in his comment.

People who do not have facilities to watch the share market every day and take decisions depending on the developments in the market can invest their money in reliable mutual funds. Your money in mutual funds will be invested by people, having knowledge, in several types of shares and investments. Different kinds of mutual funds are there with different levels of higher and lower risks. Higher the risk, greater will be the profit.

Lower the risk, smaller will be the profit. For long term investors, mutual funds are ideal. But, this will not be suitable to people who jump over from one share to another, every hour, by just clicking with the mouse. But, friends living in the gulf countries who are depressed due to the dollar peg, may invest in the share market in mutual funds like this, to grow with the people who grow. (What can these people do? The value of 1 Dubai Dirham has come down from Rs.12.00 to Rs.10.70 and the value of 1 Oman Rial has come down from Rs.128 to Rs.102.)

A few mutual funds are given below:
SBI Mutual Fund (SBI MF)
Principal Mutual Fund
Unit Trust of India (mutual fund)

If you are not interested in these, you may consider investing in fixed deposits. Nowadays, they are giving interest up to 9.00%.

Don`t keep your money in Savings Bank Account without any use. Deposit it in fixed deposits. Its Worth it.

IP Address deficiency - The new form of the IP Address - IPv6

IP Version 6IP Version 6As every house in a street has an address, every computer connected to the internet must have an IP Address. It is a rule. Using the IP Address only, computers manage to identify among themselves and achieve information exchange.

For example, if you consider an IP Address today, it will look like this:

You can click here and learn what IP Address is given to your computer now in the internet . (It shows your place also). This very old IP system is called, IPv4.

End to this IP form-4 which has been ruling the world so far has come now. Innumerable computers have come into existence now in the world and we can not assign IP Address to all these computers using IPv4, because 4.3 billion IP Addresses only can be assigned using this system.

As a solution for this deficiency issue, IPv6 has been introduced. All operating systems that are currently released come with IPv6.

In fact, the type of IP system will become totally obsolete in 2009. American government has specified a deadline to convert all its governmental networks into IPv6 completely, before 2008. Therefore, no one can escape from this IPv6.

So Whats New In IPv6.
Its structure is configured somewhat differently in such a way that it can accommodate millions of computers. That is, IP Address can be assigned to as many as 340,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 computers.

An example for IPv6 is:

That is, these are HexaDecimal numbers.

We will have to type the IP Address in the url of the browser, as given below:

Without port number

With board number-here port number is 443

To Test IPv6 connectivity

Already IPv6 Enabled Websites list

More Info

Friday, October 12, 2007

Write programs by just drawing something

All has become past. Running life, with non-stop writings of Basic, Pascal and C programs and being the target for several kinds of scolding. The program will become angry if you put something in capital letters. Or if you forget a period, the entire program will stand still. It will display syntax error message innocently to test our tolerance limit. Today, every thing has been made easy. Several editors are available free of cost, with colorful facilities such as correction of errors and display of syntax, all this being accessible right at the time of typing itself.

For example, look at Notepad++.

This simplifies the following languages and give them to us : C C++ Java C# XML HTML PHP CSS makefile ASCII art (extension .nfo) doxygen ini file batch file Javascript ASP VB/VBS SQL Objective-C RC resource file Pascal Perl Python Lua TeX TCL Assembler Ruby Lisp Scheme Properties Diff Smalltalk Postscript VHDL Ada Caml AutoIt KiXtart Matlab Verilog Haskell InnoSetup and CMake.

Download Notepad++ here

Another editor of this type is PSPad.
This simplifies the following: Pascal, C/C++, INI, HTML, XML, PHP ,CSS, XML, XHTML , JScript, VBScript, MySQL, MS-Dos, Perl C++, Cobol, MS-Dos batch, CSS, Forth, Fortran, FoxPro, HTML, XHTML, INI, Inno Setup, Java, JavaScript, KixStart, Object Pascal, Perl, PHP, Python, RSS, SQL, TCL/TK, Unix ShellScript, VBScript, Visual Basic, X86 assembler.

Download PSPad here.

Another editor is PHP Designer 2007
This simplifies the following: PHP, HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, Perl, JavaScript, VB, C#, Java & SQL,MySQL, VBScript, Python and Ruby.

Download PHP Designer 2007 here:

To challenge all this has come the visual programming language. That is, you need not write any textual matter. It is enough if you draw picture using the mouse. These help mostly to program robots. For example, it is enough if you move the hand block of the robot picture in the computer monitor to make the robot move its hand. Robot will obey this. Similarly, to enable the robot to carry out several activities, it is enough to move the corresponding block with the mouse, as needed. Our robot will obey all this. Nowadays, robots of Lego brand come only with VPL facility like this. In fact, they use the VPI, called, LabVIEW. Like this, robots such as Mindscript and Microsoft’s MVPL - Microsoft Robotics Studio Visual language are very popular.

Don’t confuse this with Microsoft’s Visual Studio or Visual Basic. Visual Studio is only a visual programming environment; it is not a visual programming language.

If you drag and drop the robot from bedroom to the washing-room with the mouse pointer on the monitor, it will simply go there and start washing.

Fake Web Sites

If someone sends you an email stating that Canara Bank, near Lalitha Jewellers, T. Nagar, has shifted to Kannammaet, will you go to Kannammaet, the next day immediately, and deposit your money at a cheating bank there? We will not do like that in real world. But that is what is going on in internet world.

Every day, thousands of people visit some hacker’s fake web site, that resembles the web site of Citi Bank or ICICI Bank, thinking and believing that they are visiting the web site of Citi Bank or ICICI Bank. They enter their account number and PIN there and are being cheated by such hackers. This is generally known as Phishing, that is, password harvesting fishing. The principal aim of fake web sites like this is to steal the passwords of your bank account and other important accounts. Generally, these web sites will be available online only for a few days. Cheating as many innocent persons as needed and stealing their passwords, these hackers will run away.

So, be very careful always when you handle money transactions online. When you click at links, you must be careful. Ensure whether that link takes you to the correct sites. (Picture)

Look at the following example. Keeping a board on top of the site stating that you will be taken to Yahoo, you may be cheated and taken to Google.
Click here to visit

It is safe always to type the address directly and visit the site. It is always risky to click at the link given in the email sent by someone and visit a particular web site that deals with money transactions.

A fake email that was sent to me recently with an "Important Notice" from Citi Bank takes me to the following link. A complete fake Citi Bank site is functioning there (Perhaps, it may have disappeared when you click at the link and visit that fake site). Do not enter your details on this fake Citibank web site.
Fake citibank website

Google vans, shooting street by street

Google recently introduced the new service, “Street View” on its map. Using this service, you can virtually go to a particular street in a particular city and view how the street is. That is, standing in the middle of the street, you can turn around 360 degrees and view the street through internet. What you see below is SaravanaS Vegetarian Restaurant at Livingston Avenue in New York city. Our people are waiting outside in hunger under the red color SaravanaS board. The specialty here is that besides vegetarian food you can get Kingfisher also. As some other organization has registered the name Saravanabhavan, this has become SaravanaS.

Link to Saravanas Streetview

Okay, let us come to the point.

To take this kind of immersion photographs, called ‘immersive’, Google vans, with special cameras on their top are wandering around American cities. You can see such a van with camera in the picture. Similarly, people belonging to Windows Live Local also are loitering in the streets. It seems that is pioneering in this immersive video technology.

Link to msn`s version of this feature

When some people cry that privacy has gone, Google is engaged in removing “that kind" of photographs.

If you are living in America, view places that are familiar to you using this Street View. Perhaps, you may see yourself, your friend or your car.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Too much into Technology