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Friday, October 12, 2007

Google vans, shooting street by street

Google recently introduced the new service, “Street View” on its map. Using this service, you can virtually go to a particular street in a particular city and view how the street is. That is, standing in the middle of the street, you can turn around 360 degrees and view the street through internet. What you see below is SaravanaS Vegetarian Restaurant at Livingston Avenue in New York city. Our people are waiting outside in hunger under the red color SaravanaS board. The specialty here is that besides vegetarian food you can get Kingfisher also. As some other organization has registered the name Saravanabhavan, this has become SaravanaS.

Link to Saravanas Streetview

Okay, let us come to the point.

To take this kind of immersion photographs, called ‘immersive’, Google vans, with special cameras on their top are wandering around American cities. You can see such a van with camera in the picture. Similarly, people belonging to Windows Live Local also are loitering in the streets. It seems that is pioneering in this immersive video technology.

Link to msn`s version of this feature

When some people cry that privacy has gone, Google is engaged in removing “that kind" of photographs.

If you are living in America, view places that are familiar to you using this Street View. Perhaps, you may see yourself, your friend or your car.

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