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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Lotus 123 and our Padmasana

When most of us started our computer age, Wordstar and Lotus 123 were the most popular software programs, in those days itself. Though we have advanced a lot now with Office Word, Excel etc, we do not forget the old ones easily. Lotus 123 is one among such old items. Here is an interesting story about Lotus 123. The founder of the Lotus Company, Mitch Kapor, who developed Lotus 123, is said to be a sincere disciple of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi from India. When Mitch Kapor, who had expertise in Transcendental Meditation to the extent of teaching it to masses, wanted to give a name to the company he founded, he selected the name lotus which refers to Padmasana, one of the postures of yoga meditation. This company, which released several software programs such as lotus 123, lotus domino and lotus notes later, was purchased by IBM. Don’t think that he is an Indian as his name is Mitch Kapor and he has interest in yoga meditation. His family is said to have migrated in those days from Georgia in Russia to America.

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