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Monday, October 08, 2007

Make Fortunes with Share Market

Our Indian economy is running fast and jumping heights. Day by day, there is steady increase in the number of Indian billionaires, because of the continuous bullish trend in the local share business. The total money value of Mukesh Ambani, Anil Ambani brothers (43+29=72 billion) has become greater than that of the richest of the world (67 billion). It seems that Ambani family is the richest family of the world.

This is the appropriate time for an ordinary Indian citizen to carefully enter share business. It is said that even a ordinary, low level Chinese do very well in share business because of the fever that has already been spread over in China. Every day, millions of Chinese make their new entry into share business. All has become online, Hasn’t it?.

When share market points go high they dance, sing and jump in joy. It is said that even if by chance you enter a call taxi, tips and tricks about share business are available there.

But... I could understand your murmur. What if share business loses stability..??. This too is a kind of gambling. Isn’t it? That is why I said, “carefully”.

Three things are very important.

One: Invest in shares that give you confidence and are expected to grow well in future

Two: Never become greedy

Three: Don’t lose the money you invested. Because it is your money.

Sites that can help

It is said that Indians, living in India or in countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar may invest in Indian market. It seems that there will be some paper work.

For Indians, living in America (NRI) to make new entry into share business.

There is no direct way available for Indians living in America to play in Indian market. Anyone, having knowledge about this, may give guidelines.

Free Real time Stock Quote (You need hotmail id)

As far as America is concerned, Real time Stock Quote and Live Stock Quote are different from one another. In general, Live Stock Quotes come delayed by 20 minutes.

See you again.

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