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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Some Useful Excel Spredsheets

India Related Excel sheets
Area of Mobile Number.xls
India ATM List.xls
India Baby Names.xls
India Best Websites.xls
India Hospitals.xls
India Radio Stations List.xls
India Service Providers.xls
India STD Codes.xls
India Toll Free Numbers.xls
India Trains.xls
India Univesities.xls
Mumbai Bus Routes.xls

Finance Calculators and Converters on Excel
BSE IndustryWise Classification Of The Company.xls
EMI Calculator.xls
Financial Calculator.xls
KharchaPani (Family Budget Planner).xls
Tax Calculator.xls
Unit conversion all in one.xls
Budget Planner.xls
Asia Pacific Budget Travel Planner Beta 1.02.xls
Index Calculations.xls
Margin Call Calculations.xls

Fun Games on Excel
Check Your concentration.xls
Color Test.xls
Frog Leap.xls
Logo Test Quiz.xls
Logo Test Quiz Answers.xls
Magic Spreadsheet.xls
Sudoku Solver beta2 V0.31.xls
Giant Sudoku.xls
Multiple Solution Sudoku.xls

Other Interesting Useful Excel sheets
Age Character Calculation.xls
Life Time Calendar.xls
Life Calculations.xls
Blood Group Diet.xls
Nokia Ringtones.xls
SMS Message Abreviations.xls
Mobile Phone Models and Rates.xls
World Time.xls

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1 comment:

Piyush Patel said...

Hi, Its very useful stuff !
Million thanks.

One thing I need is India PIN-CODE database. Can you please provide it? It would be great help..

Again Thanks for all efforts.