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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Interesting Facts About Indian Internet Usage

1.Internet came to India in 1995 when the National Informatics Centre (NIC), Delhi, first provided users access to the World Wide Web service through the C-Web. The C-Web allows users to browse, search and publish documents on the Net.

2.In 1997 Indian Internet Subscribers were 25,000,Today it is 2.9 million.

3.73% of the Indian Internet connections are still Dialup.27% are broadband.

4.As of September 2006 there are 38 million "Ever" Internet users in India.These include 1 million "Ever" Internet users from rural India.

5.Still Email and Chat is the top application used by most of the Indian Internet users.

6.Exam Results and Emails are major applications which introduce internet to the Indian users.

7.45% of Indians using internet for Mailing and 33% of them using it for Information and education.

8.Railway ticketing is a major applications which introduce Ecommerce to the users.

9.There were 25 Million Active users in September 2006.

10.32% of the Active internet users use search as their primary application.

11.39% of people access internet from cyber cafe and 31% from home.

12.Users between the age of 18-35 are the biggest segment in India accounting for 50% of all users on the internet.

13.76% of PC owners are connected to the Internet.

14.Internet user base in India will grow beyond 50 million by march 2008.

15.37% of internet users are from Non Metros and Small Towns.

16.Every 10th individual in urban india has accessed the internet.

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