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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

IP Address deficiency - The new form of the IP Address - IPv6

IP Version 6IP Version 6As every house in a street has an address, every computer connected to the internet must have an IP Address. It is a rule. Using the IP Address only, computers manage to identify among themselves and achieve information exchange.

For example, if you consider an IP Address today, it will look like this:

You can click here and learn what IP Address is given to your computer now in the internet . (It shows your place also). This very old IP system is called, IPv4.

End to this IP form-4 which has been ruling the world so far has come now. Innumerable computers have come into existence now in the world and we can not assign IP Address to all these computers using IPv4, because 4.3 billion IP Addresses only can be assigned using this system.

As a solution for this deficiency issue, IPv6 has been introduced. All operating systems that are currently released come with IPv6.

In fact, the type of IP system will become totally obsolete in 2009. American government has specified a deadline to convert all its governmental networks into IPv6 completely, before 2008. Therefore, no one can escape from this IPv6.

So Whats New In IPv6.
Its structure is configured somewhat differently in such a way that it can accommodate millions of computers. That is, IP Address can be assigned to as many as 340,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 computers.

An example for IPv6 is:

That is, these are HexaDecimal numbers.

We will have to type the IP Address in the url of the browser, as given below:

Without port number

With board number-here port number is 443

To Test IPv6 connectivity

Already IPv6 Enabled Websites list

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