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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Experience the Silver Light

It is true that at present there is no one available except Microsoft to introduce glitter into anything.

We usually do normal web searches on Google or on other search engines.

Here Microsoft has made that experience flashy by mixing items such as Silverlight 1.0 RC, AJAX, Live Search, Live ID, Live Spaces, a dish is prepared and named as Tafiti.

The meaning of Tafiti is "do research" in the African language, Swahili. We are not saying it for joke, in fact, the search experience with this is colorful and glittering. They have implicitly made it clear that the era of mere “search” has gone and here is the time for “research”. They have given facilities such as shelf and stack in this beta. If possible, install Silverlight, and visit this web page. I gave "chennai" in my search and what you see below are the pages about Chennai, given by Tafiti. Click the pictures to enlarge.

Home Page

Original tafiti

Chennai Images search result screen shot

Chennai News search result screen shot

Chennai search results as Tree View

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