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Monday, October 29, 2007

Kinds of corporate birds

Most of us may have very interesting corporate experiences. If you treat the corporate as a birds sanctuary, the birds which have come to this sanctuary to live are of many kinds.

There are people who come neatly dressed in black and white coat – suite. They will not even bend their knees in the work place. They would attend long meetings. They are the PENGUINS in this sanctuary.

There are people who have wonderful creativity, versatility, imaginations and the ability to innovate. They are nothing but PEACOCKS.

People who pacify the fighting factions within the organization and manage to run it by providing solutions to the problems that develop from time to time due to internal politics are also available there. They are the poor PIGEONS.

Without having any ambition to achieve great things in life, many people are there who just move around within their working site. They don’t care what happens around. They are the low profile SPARROWS of the sanctuary.

Let anything happen to anyone. What is there for me to bother? There are people who have attitude like this. They are the OSTRICHES who hide their heads buried deep into the sands.

Just go around and view the pictures below. You will start thinking that all this applies to your organization too.

Download this Peacock.pps presentation from here

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