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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Robots armed with gun

In 1987, people in Malaysia, spoke in wonder about ATM machines that pouring currencies, if the keys on the machine were pressed. Today, ATM is avaialable even at T S R Big Street of Kumbakonam. The story of Robots too would become like this one day.

Today, they are celebrated as the ones owned by Japanese. Tomorrow, they may come and reside in our houses too. It looks like for most of our people the difficult job is to clean their houses. May be because of this, the first domestic robots that have come/are about to come would be the vacuum cleaners and would remain as the security guard for our houses.

This being the case at home, the face of Robots has become a devil face in the outer world. There are details coming out that American Robots, called SWORDS (special weapons observation remote reconnaissance direct action system) are to wander with M249 machine guns, in the streets of Iraq cities. These Robots, remotely operated by humans from a far away place, will shoot at sight when enemies come. It is said that its X-ray kit will scan the bags and packets of the people coming nearby. It will destroy itself in the event of inability.

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said in May, last year that research was going on to create a robotic army like this. It is understood that South Korea also is having interest in creating killerbots soldiers like this. It seems that we may have to place Robot force in the row of elephant force and horse force, hereafter instead of Human force.

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