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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Grow with the people who grow

Hot discussions about Sethusamudram Project, the risk for the government to get toppled due to the American nuke deal, ruling parties without having time to think about anything, opposition parties with hotter and newer issues daily, amongst all this, beyond doubt, is growing our Bharatha Matha. All accept that it is the private sector that greatly supports this growth. We have mentioned previously about entering the share market (Make fortunes with Share market), to grow with the people who grow. Our finance minister P. Chidambaram has cautioned that small investors must be very careful in the present hot share market. The same idea has been conveyed by our friend SRI in his comment.

People who do not have facilities to watch the share market every day and take decisions depending on the developments in the market can invest their money in reliable mutual funds. Your money in mutual funds will be invested by people, having knowledge, in several types of shares and investments. Different kinds of mutual funds are there with different levels of higher and lower risks. Higher the risk, greater will be the profit.

Lower the risk, smaller will be the profit. For long term investors, mutual funds are ideal. But, this will not be suitable to people who jump over from one share to another, every hour, by just clicking with the mouse. But, friends living in the gulf countries who are depressed due to the dollar peg, may invest in the share market in mutual funds like this, to grow with the people who grow. (What can these people do? The value of 1 Dubai Dirham has come down from Rs.12.00 to Rs.10.70 and the value of 1 Oman Rial has come down from Rs.128 to Rs.102.)

A few mutual funds are given below:
SBI Mutual Fund (SBI MF)
Principal Mutual Fund
Unit Trust of India (mutual fund)

If you are not interested in these, you may consider investing in fixed deposits. Nowadays, they are giving interest up to 9.00%.

Don`t keep your money in Savings Bank Account without any use. Deposit it in fixed deposits. Its Worth it.

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