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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Murugavel, a success king

People have widely started realizing the importance of the role models in the society. Because of non availability of role models, in some localities of the world, youngsters accept criminals and antisocial elements as role models and because of this they soon become most undisciplined in life. Our society is fortunately not very much affected in this regard. We have several good role models to more and more encourage our budding youth generation.

Murugavel Janakiaman – he got his post graduate degree in computer science from our Madras University and went to places like Singapore, USA, as an ordinary software programmer. Somehow, he got interest in internet and started the internet discussion forum, When the term ‘matrimony’ became a hot topic in that site, he got a spark in his mind, ‘Why don’t we start a separate site for the sake of marriage which is a very great and auspicious event in our country’.
As a result, was born in 1997.

It was a very big success since inception. It was started with three persons and 300 square foot area at T Nagar. Now it has become a very big organization at Anna Salai with 350 people working in the organization and 14 web sites, including and It has 22 offices through out India. There are approximately 75 lakh members in it. So far, approximately 7 lakh marriages have been organized. As an average, daily, 30 to 50 marriages are conducted through this organization.

Murugavel, aged 34 years, says with confidence, "If you do the job you are doing wholeheartedly with liking, there is no possibility of failure”.

Note: When Murugavel started, he was a bachelor. After two years, he found his wife also by searching through internet. This is a wonderful moment for me too to thank him.

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