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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Blue Screen of Death

No one is there in the world of Windows without knowing Blue Screen of Death or Bluescreen stop error or BSD error. The phrase, "Blue Screen of Death Error” that threaten computer experts, was coined by Erik Noyes in 1991. When he was working at the finance corporation, Charles Schwab and Co, he described this windows error as Blue Screen of Death to his customers. It has become a very popular word later.

When Microsoft champion Bill Gates introduced Windows98 operating system to the world, in that grand ceremony, COMDEX, in 1998, in a large screen placed in front of him, this Blue Screen appeared rendering the whole event shameful. Bill Gates had to manage at that time stating, "That is why we're not shipping Windows 98 yet". It is said that Windows crashes like this 25 million times a day through out the world. We have enough heard about Blue Screen of Death. Have you ever heard of Red Screen of Death?

It is said that some Windows Vista beta versions contain some rare Red Screen of Death. Do you say what is rare in it? :)

Red Screen of Death

Bill Gates at COMDEX 1998

Black Screen of Death

Glamorous Blue Screen of Death :)

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