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Thursday, October 18, 2007

IP for moon

Only a few days back, I posted the title, “IP Address Deficiency – The new form of the IP Address - IPv6”. I have mentioned in that posting that because the present IPv4s (Eg. do not have sufficient number of IP addresses, we must move to IPv6 (Eg. 2016:0fe8::0000:0000:0000:1975:69bf).
Our friend, Koothadi has posted his elaborate comment stating that there is no such urgent need immediately to switch over to the new form as address conversion techniques such as NAT, CIDR, PROXY etc. are currently available. This is absolutely true.

Now, a few interesting details about IPv6

The old IPv4 is 32 bit system where as the new IPv6 is 128 bit system.
Do you wonder what has happened to IPv5? The name of the Protocol, Internet Stream, that was found in 1970’ s is IPv5. Therefore, TCPIP Protocol, next to IPv4, became IPv6.

There is yet another name for IPv6. That is, IPng. Its expansion is: Internet Protocol next generation.

They are planning to change all computer networks of the American government to the new IP Address system IPv6 before June 30, 2008.

Using the old IPv4, we can not give even a single IP Address to each individual in the world. But, using the new IPv6, we can give as many as 50000000000000000000000000000 IP Addresses to each and every person, living in the world.

With this IPv6, we can give as many as 7000000000000000 IP Addresses to each of the innumerable stars in the sky. Great?

Hereafter, even if you give IP Addresses to all items such as car, i-pod, fridge, tv, money-purse, phone, bag, keychain etc, it seems that only IPv6 will rule the world as long as humanity is to survive. To know if IPv6 is installed in your computer, click the link given below. Show My IPv6 Status

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