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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

How to add Adsense on tumblr tumblelogs?

Tumblelogs are blogs you can say it as Miniblogs or Quickblogs.As a typical blog it has got all the features to publish your contents like a regular posts,photos,quotes,links,conversations and videos.One can use it as a public notebook as well.

You would get an URL like from this url if you wish you can use a custom domain name for your blog.You can also import Feeds to be automatically imported as Regular, Photo, or Link posts via RSS. You can upload photos to your tumblelog directly from your mobile phone.It got the built in feature to ping the Blogosphere when you post.This tells sites like Technorati and My Yahoo! to list your latest posts. You could choose Full feed or Truncate RSS feed.

On "Change Settings" option,If you select a Custom theme for your tumblelogs you could add Adsense codes on your theme.Check out this sample Tumblelog with adsense.

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