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Monday, November 19, 2007

50 % Politics! 50 % Business!

New York Time's Best Industrialist Award for the year 2006 has been given to Dubai Prime Minister, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum. People wonder how an Industrialist Award could be given to a ruler who is a politician. Mohammed answers like this: 'I would say I am primarily involved in the politics of business'. Certainly, a far sight and long term plans are needed to make the desert bloom in fertility. His tactful activities have made the entire world to listen to him. Among surprising announcements that come from Dubai, the one which came recently was very much surprising. That is, they are planning to construct revolving buildings. A multistoreied buiding with each floor revolving about 360 degrees will be constructed by construction experts of Israel (Note it, it is really Israel) and Italy using the technology of Dynamic Architecture. It seems that the building will be dancing ever like a belly dancer. They say that this building which is going to be constructed at a cost of 350 million dollars will have 68 floors. The building can be operated even by your voice control. You can direct your flat to turn to east to see sun rise. You can rotate it to face west to see sun set. They say that electricity needed for this kind of operations would be generated by wind mills. All this is the brain child of 58 year old David Fisher. He has not constructed even a single multistoried buiding so far. He says with a lot of confidence: 'This is the future, One building — endless shapes'. But some people say, 'He's nuts'.

Pictures of other mega-projects of Dubai are given below.
Burj Dubai
Palm Island
Dubai Marina
Dubai Sports City
Dubai Waterfront
Dubailand Ski Dome
Golden Dome
Madinat Al Arab
Old Town
Space Science World
The World


Shaggy_Krish said...

Its really good. Mr. PkP i would like to ask u some thing . I have a blog i want to post some matters in tamil can you tell me how can i do that ?? so far i am doing only cutting and pasting ( even from your hope you never mind.

வடுவூர் குமார் said...

Rotating floors? absolutely possible.
It will happen.
Thanks for sharing.