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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Mysterious Softwares

Even though you are not a software programmer, the way in which some software programs work sometimes, happens to be a great surprise to us. When we run most software programs, we will have some idea about their working logic in our mind. But the logic of a few software programs would not be understood at all. One of such a software program was found when I was browsing in the internet recently. Its name is eyedropper. This freeware is definite help to Web Designers and DTP experts. This software helps in several ways. Its primary use is given below.

Web Developers sometimes face a particular type of headache. A color will be given and the web developers will be required to create pages matching with this color. But, it will be an extremely painstaking and Herculean task to find the appropriate html color code, RGB HEX CMYK, for the given color. If you install this software and place the mouse pointer on that particular color, the details of Html Color code of that color will be shown to you immediately.
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“Is this a great magic? Look..Nowadays, scripts are there to read even CAPTCHA letters (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart ....Oh, what a lengthy expansion) those zigzag letters”, do you wonder like this? It only seems that the task of giving eye sight to computers in several ways is accomplished quite successfully.

CAPTCHA decoder reader

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