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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Anyone there, not hooked up with the Murphy's Law?

Assume that you are waiting at the bus stop for 12B bus. That 12B bus will never come. But many 17D buses will be coming and going every now and then. One day, you come to catch 17D bus. But the road will be flooded with 12B buses. You will not be able to see a 17D bus even after an hour. This kind of happening is called the Murphy's Law. That is, "Things will go wrong in any given situation, if you give them a chance".
Our people explained this as "They say that it will happen but it will not happen. They say that it will not happen but it will happen"

This Murphy's Law is the trouble which all of us experience daily in our life.
When you are standing in a long queue, it appears that your queue does not move forward but the adjacent queue will be moving fast.
On the highway, the lane in which you drive will always move slower than the next lane.
When you carry an umbrella, it will not rain but when it rains you will not have an umbrella. (Tamil song 'There is heavy shower when I go out to sell salt' plays in my mind.)

When we rush in emergency to take a print out, paper will get stuck up in a jam.
When there is no food at home, we will feel very hungry. When food is readily available, appetite will be missing. If water is not accessible to our hand we will feel thirsty.
Only when there is no restroom in and around, we will get that urge.

Many many things like this.

Only the family that has been affected will again and again get affected. When God starts giving He will tear the roof to shower wealth. That will be enough only to mend the roof.
All this has the essence of that Murphy's Law. Like this, rules such as”Anything that can go wrong, will, and at the worst possible moment" are called, in the name of Edward A. Murphy, "the Murphy's Law".
Hereafter, during these troublesome moments, think about this Murphy's Law.

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