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Friday, November 02, 2007

Risk of ‘Cut and Paste’

We can not even think of a computer without the features like, ‘cut and paste’ and ‘copy and paste’. To that extent, we have been accustomed to these facilities. Is there any problem or risk because of this? People say, ‘yes’. What problem is it? It is said that the credit card number or the password which you copied recently for your ease of operation can be easily stolen.

How can that be stolen? When each time you cut or copy particular lines, this information is temporarily stored in a temporary location, called, clipboard. So, if you are able to access this temporary location, then it is, an 'Operation Success’. That is what they do.

Let us do a small experiment here.

Now Select a line and copy it.


Then click at the following link.

What a surprise?

This site simply displays the line you copied. (Look in the yellow region)

How difficult is it to just store the information gathered like this as such in a database?? They themselves explain how this can be blocked. Do that first.

Similarly, certain Key Loggers also can do this job clearly with out making any notice. For example, try the software given below. All lines you cut and paste or copy and paste will be monitored privately and noted.

Download Clipboard Logger here.

Remember, you must be very careful. Yes.

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