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Monday, November 05, 2007 that can withstand anything

In fact, I am not a fan of Microsoft. I am to speak about Myspace, here.

It is said that daily 40 billion people visit the web site,, a site thronged by masses of teen-agers. Besides this, everyday, 230,000 persons newly join this site. It seems that all these brisk computers are functioning only with Windows 2003 server - Microsoft .NET Framework and that all applications have been written in C# for ASP.NET. It seems that can withstand any load.

Chris Dewolfe and Tom Anderson, who enjoyed being active in the friends circle at at the beginning wanted to establish a web-based friends circle, in which activities can be performed with greater ease, more comfort and less restrictions and started It has experienced very fast growth with in a short period. All young age people who know English have become almost addicted to this site.
This drew the attention of the News Agency Stalwart Rupert Murdoch. He simply purchased the site for $580 million and put it in his pocket.

Last year, Google gave 900 million dollars to Myspace, asking them to use its advertisements and search facility in Myspace. This amount of money is much greater than the amount for which Rupert Murdoch purchased the site. That grand old man is still making a lot of money. In addition to this,the site has 106 or 107 million fans thronging at it. The amazing fact is that only 300 people are working in Myspace company.

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