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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Need a Google for this

Misplacing TV remote control under the sofa and searching for it through out the house, misplacing the key somewhere and searching for it everywhere, losing the spectacle somewhere and searching for it with difficulty in sight, losing the purse and searching for it with tension... all this is usual happening in an ordinary person's life. Here is a great electronic solution for those people who yearn for putting an end to all this confusion. Sharper Image's "Now You Can Find It!" Things Locator is a handy device that may help you to get rid of such troubles. For example, it is enough if you just link the pendant of a particular color that comes with this device to your key bunch. When the key bunch is misplaced, if you just press the corresponding color button of the device having reference to the key, a kee... kee... voice will come from the key bunch. The only thing required is that you must be within a distance of 40 feet. Please do not ask what to do if you misplace the device itself.

Product Page

If you are not impressed with this type of device and if you are still adamantly singing that you need Google to solve this problem, please see below. A google search device as explained below may come in future. But you may have to wait for sometime.

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