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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Risks of Uploading

Innumerable Free File Storages are available on the internet as on date. For example we can refer to sites like, etc. They give free storage up to 5 GB. The advantage is that the data will be more safe in these storages than in our computers. Also, you can retrieve the data through the internet from anywhere.

At the beginning, our people were storing only MP3 , e books, glamorous cinema pictures, video clips and other software programs that were available freely here and there but now they have started to store their personal information. This is of great botheration. Items stored include the biodata of individuals and members of the family, scan copies of certificates, business and work related important files, family photographs etc.

All this information can be uploaded into file storages in a single click. This facilitates the availability of all information for all people. Photos of family women taken casually reaches the hand of a common man. Some people may edit these photos and misuse them. Some people have neatly typed their passwords and upload them as text files. See how pathetic it is.

I happened to see the appointment orders, and for that matter, details of all communication, a person had with American Consulate in these storages. The pity is that many of them are software engineers.
For example, click here. This is the list, given by esnips, when you search with the key word 'resume'.

This also applies to people who exchange files through P2P software such as Limeware. There are chances that they might share the entire drive of their computer with the world without their knowledge.

So, what is the solution for problems like this? When you store in storages like this, tick the 'Private' box without fail. Let the 'Public' box remain open or search for facilities like 'Do not share' It will be safe if you keep distance from those storages which do not have this kind of facilities.

It will be safe if you know which drive or which folder is kept open to the outer world in Peer 2 Peer applications too. Anyway Have a Happy File sharing!!

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