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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wibree - Bluetooth's Progeny

Bluetooth has been used to and still being used to connect your wireless headset with your cell phone, to send and receive files between two mobiles or to exchange files between two laptops. But then the use of Bluetooth has its limitations in the sense that it can be used only for big systems like laptops, mobiles and handhelds but not for small systems like watches, pens or for the blood pressure monitors, which can be worn around the neck. Sophisticated items such as these cant use Bluetooth to connect to other computer systems or cell phones. Because Bluetooth needs more room, this in turn will make these essentially small electronic objects bigger.

Miniature Gadgets such as watches can also communicate via radio signals with a computer with the help of a new technology called "Wibree".
It's also known as "Ultra Low Power Bluetooth Technology". This is the dream project of Nokia, the cell phone giant. Because of this technology even smallest of contraptions can communicate with computers or mobile phones. Its strength lies in its feature that it uses only small amount of power for its communication. As of now it can travel up to 10 mts, utmost 1MBps.

Lately many football players have collapsed and died on the field while playing. To monitor such players and also to monitor elderly people who live alone, especially to monitor them wirelessly this technology will be highly useful very soon in the future. Let's wait and see.

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