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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Satellites Weighing Some Pounds!

Due to Nano technology many things, which were humongous monsters, are turning into dwarves. Before satellites' weight was calculated in terms of tons not like now, for satellites are manufactured in kilograms now. Recently Israel launched a mini satellite (Ofeq 7) weighing only 300 kilograms. After mini satellites it will be Micro satellites and Nano satellites that are being manufactured.

The next spy satellite of Israel, Techstar will be launched from Sriharikota, India in the month of September just because geographically Israel is not in the right position to do so. In the year 2004 Israel's rocket Shavit failed and crashed into the sea. India has been successfully launching rockets for sometimes now and also because of Israel's confident in India's PSLV rocket they have sought India for the launching of their satellite. There might even be a military agreement between the two nations.

As the sizes of the satellites are decreasing they are attempting to launch the satellites from a cargo Boeing 747 or a fighter jet F-15. If that's successful without much preparation like dramatic countdowns and such, as the flight is flying from Chennai to Delhi they might launch some satellites on the way.

(Figure-A Nanosat Model)

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