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Friday, September 07, 2007

Whatever we understand is science

All that was considered once as acts of God are now every days events because of the development of science. For example diseases like chickenpox were considered once as acts of God but now Science has found the reason behind it and also found the way to cure it.

Another example lets assume 50 yrs back a villager steps out of his house in a early morning and looks at the sky. He sees some writing in the sky. That's it that too would be considered, as an act of God or the entire village would have scared it as some alien from outer space had done it.

But today, it is quiet possible to do it. It is known as SKYWRITING or SKYTYPING. As we are snacking on peanuts we look at some writings on the sky without giving it much thought. Man has started using even the sky as his billboard to advertise. Now it’s up to God to safeguard his wall with warnings like "Stick no bills".

So it’s not only wise but also to keep our sanity let's have it that whatever we understand is science and what we don't understand is God. That gives us peace.

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