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Monday, September 17, 2007

Boss Key

It is very common after a hectic hour you go to a website which relaxes you a bit.
But most of the time that is the moment when your boss comes in to your office.
What’s now...? Don’t get caught.
Protect yourself from your boss by using Boss key softwares. These softwares gives us some combination of keys which would display an Excel sheet or a Doc or other preconfigured screen instantly and hides the current screen.
Install one of the following Free Bosskey program and test it before you start your game. Remember that... It can not protect you from the history traces and logs you leave on the corporate proxy server

Even if you do not have a Boss key installed use Alt and Tab key combinations to instant switch over to another window or use Alt and F4 to close the current window instantly.

Boss Key freewares Softwares

Hocus Pocus
Quick Hide
Window Hide Tool
EfreeSoft Boss Key

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