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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

History Of Internet

At a glance: Changing phases
- August 1991: Tim Berners-Lee releases web software.

- December 1991:First web server outside Europe goes online.

- November 1992: 26 servers now online.

- April 1993:Mosaic web browser from Windows released. World Wide Web (www) made available to all for free.

- May 1993: First online newspaper, the Tech published by students from MIT, launched.

- June 1993: HTML programming, used to create WebPages, released.

- October 1994: Bill Clinton puts on the web. Netscape browser released.

- February 1995: Radio HK becomes first dedicated online radio station.

- July launched.

- August 1995: Internet Explorer released along with Windows95.

- September 1995: launched.

- July 1996: Hotmail launched.

- December 1997:Term "blog" coined, meaning weblog.

- September 1998:Google opens first office in a garage in California. launched.

- January 2000: dot-com boom reaches peak.

- August 2000: Nearly 20 million websites online.

2001-Wikipedia launched.

- November 2001: Pope John Paul II sends first papal e-mail.

2003-MySpace launched.

- April 2003: Apple's itunes music download service launches.


- July 2004: Tim Berners-Lee receives a knighthood.


- August 2006: There are now over 92,615,362 websites online.

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