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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Interesting Corporate Facts

1.Santoor brand soaps,Chandrika brand soaps,Energy drink Glucovita ,Baby Soft soap.Could you believe these are the products of Indias popular IT company Wipro?

2.Audio oscillator was the HP's first product (1938).

3.Once IBM was making clocks.International Time Recording Company,a division of IBM Corporation was makers of all types of timekeeping systems.In the picture you could find one of them.

4.Now apple is not just making computers they are also in to products like iPod,iPhone like devices,So they recently changed there name from "Apple Computer Inc" to "apple Inc".

5.HP developed a programming language as competitor to SUN Java. They named it "HP Chai"
Java means Cofee,Chai means Tea.

6.Textiles business exactly did reliance start in.

7.Airline Code for King Fisher Airlines is "IT"

8.LG stands for Lucky Goldstar
BPL stands for British Physical Laboratories

9.In TEN Sports TEN stands for Taj Entertainment Network

10.It was actuallay Mahindra & Mohammad. It was formed before independence, after independence Mr. Mohammad left India. so it was changed to Mahindra & Mahindra keeping M & M as same.

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