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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Wall Street talks about Virtualization

Lots of big companies got the idea to have just one server box, that can run multiple server operating systems like Windows and Unix together or just many Windows OS on the same physical machine together and save big money. The news is that many Data centers, which were like junk pile, are being cleaned up because of this.

The reason behind all this is something called Server Virtualization or Hypervisor technology. The pioneer in this technology the VMWare (Symbol-VMW) Company’s shares (IPO) became available in the market last week, which made Wall Street in the midst of its subprime troubles sit up and take notice of "Virtualization" in wonderment. Although the stock of this company is on the rise for now, what will happen in a few weeks or months is anybody's guess.

Some people under the impression that this is the Google of tomorrow have started buying the company's shares in huge amount, while lots of other people are cautioning not to get caught in the stock market strategies.

But many do believe that the software ESX of VMWare is strong and that it saves millions in expenses for big corporates have started buying its shares. That too many IT professionals are in this.

Only time can tell whether All that glitters is Gold …or not.

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