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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bye Bye to Pentium, Welcome to Penryn

Early this year Chip giant Intel announced the next version of Pentium. By the end of this year the new type of microprocessor known as Penryn will be supposed to be available in the market. In 1993 Pentium came into the market with a huge hype and made a big impact on the market.

Vinod Dham, one of the important people in creating this is known as "The Father of Intel Pentium processor". He was born in Pune (India), studied in Delhi and flew to USA. He was in Intel till he became the VP then he quit.

These Penryn processors will be having 45 nanometer technology. Today’s processors are with 65 nanometer technology. This difference will make the size of the chip not only small, but also transistors in them will grow in numbers. It will also use less power. In one way or another Moore's Law is being proved time and again.

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