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Monday, August 27, 2007

Car PC

Let’s assume you are traveling in a car when somebody calls you on your cell phone to ask about Hypervisor. You are at a loss. You want to Google it but you need a computer, which you don't have at this moment. You are helpless. Also wouldn’t you prefer NOT to use a Blackberry to check your emails while driving?

Just for situations like these something called a "Car PC" or "Auto PC", comes in handy. This Computer becomes a part of your car’s dashboard. It also features a wireless connection, which makes it easier to connect to the internet. It is also known as Carputer.

As you start the ignition this also boots up automatically. It has a touch screen along with audio, video, GPS, a software to diagnose your car, Satellite radio and other extra features making it all the more attractive.

We would find soon cars with this feature built-in, or maybe it's already in the market.

Also, I wish if there is software, which could do all the activities we normally would do on a daily basis on the computer like checking our emails, checking our calendar, Visiting etc that would be a welcome addition. As it does all the clicks and movements of the mouse, while we simply have to stare at the screen. At first that software should be able to monitor and learn about ourselves. Another attractive feature very much useful for Car computing would be when we say "Go to Google mail" it should be able to automatically check our Google mail for us.

Anything is possible nowadays.

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