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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

All new Computers comes with Crap

Let’s assume you are buying a new laptop it could be a Sony Vaio or a Dell Inspiron or a HP Pavilion or even a Toshiba Satellite Or else even a simple brand new Desktop Computer. All these would always come with its own set of trash. Yes they are trash, I mean all those Evaluation Softwares.

After 30 days of honeymoon the anti-virus software comes with it will expire and it will keep bugging you to buy it. Even softwares like Microsoft Office etc comes like this with all new Systems.

You could enjoy your system only after removing all this trash from your computer. But how do we do it? We don't have to do it manually. There's a software that's available for free which cleans out all this crap from your new PC, which is named appropriately so, as "PC Decrapifier".

This "Vacuum cleaner" searches for such trash and removes it completely. After that it's guaranteed that you will enjoy your computer more.

Product Home Page

List of Craps it can remove.

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