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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Interesting Facts about

MySpace was founded by Chris Dewolfe and Tom Anderson in 2003.

They were former members (Another socialnetworking website).

They saw opportunity to beat Friendster with more options and less restrictions for social network users. And they did it. was born.

Later in 2005 MySpace was purchased for $580 million by Rupert Murdoch creator of a media empire that includes 20th Century Fox and the Fox television stations.

MySpace has more than 40 billion page views a month.

And daily new user registrations are around 230,000.

Total registered users around 106 Million.

In 2006 Google paid $900 million to be MySpace's search provider.

But has got just 300 employees.

Last but not least.MySpace runs on Microsoft .NET Framework, operating under Windows 2003 server and applications written in C# for ASP.NET.

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