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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Human getting a label "Verichip Inside"

Some days back a hospital in New York (Vassar Brothers Medical Center) Begun bar coding its incoming patients like a commodity inventory at a supermarket.

They said it reduces not only the workload but also reduces the human errors. It saves millions of dollars too.

Now these IT guys have come up with a new technology.

That is, they are going to insert a Silicon chip in the human body and keep them under surveillance.

This chip,known as Verichip or xmark which is the size of two rice, will be inserted into the right hand discreetly. Later it wont even be visible to anybody. That man will be observed and identified with a 16-digit number in the chip. This is called Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID). After that, it's easy to know the whole history of that person any time by a computer. (Look at the flash animation)

The Bigwigs of America like Wal-mart, Procter&Gamble and United States Postal Service are rumored to implement this among its employees.

From now on it looks like everybody will have to hang a board around their neck that says "Verichip Inside". Soon nobody can simply escape from the computer system anymore.

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