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Thursday, July 14, 2011

How to remove Make Private option on

You got “make your domain private” for free deal when you buy the domain name from godaddy and now if it is time to renew and the “private domain” deal isn’t free now. But how do you tell them you don’t even want it? You can’t! Not on at least. Here is the secret. You need to go to and get your account number by telling them you lost your account number/password. You have to enter the email address you registered on GoDaddy. You will get the email with your account number. Enter that number and your GoDaddy password. You will be able to uncheck the “Make Private” box from all your domains. Wait a few minute and go back to GoDaddy. Make sure you clear your cart and attempt to renew your domains again. You should be able to do so without the additional $8+ privacy charge for each domain.

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