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Thursday, May 31, 2007

VI3 VMware converter tips

VI3 VMware converter tips

1.Document source server Storage and NIC drivers,IP addresses drive sizes and drive letter assignments

2.VMWare converter boot CD-cold boot cd is based on winpe.

3.You will be asked the SAN "datastore" name where the physical server will be imported.

4.Watch the P2V process until it has made it passed 8%.Most issues will occur within the first 7%.On average the process will take about 2 hrs to complete.

5.Logon to Virtual center and verify the new imported guest.

6.Select cancel to any found new hardware messages.

7.After P2V install vmware tools.

8.Disable all hardware specific services like compaq array manager,hp insight manager etc.

9.Adding drivers to the coldclone CD

Obtain the right drivers from the vendor.

Copy the drivers to the folder where you got coldclone.iso and petool.exe
To add network drivers
run petool -i coldclone.iso -n

To add storage drivers
run petool -i coldclone.iso -d

10.Burn the updated coldclone.iso to CDR and use to boot the source server.
Please note some servers not boot to CDRW disks.

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