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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Domain Name and Web Master Tools

Free Domain Name and SEO Research Tools

Domain Name Search Tools

Easy domain searching tool for .com,.net and .org (Ajax)

pcNames Domain Search

Easy domain searching tool for .com,.net,.org,.biz,.info and .us (Ajax)

Easy domain searching tool for almost all TLDs (Ajax)

Dotster Domain Registration Special Offer

Domain Name Typo Tools

Check all the typo domains and its availability in a single click

Domain name typo generator

30-day money back guarantee at iPower. Click Here!

Free Expired Domain Names Tools

Free Expired domain names list and Deleted domain names list with Alexa traffic rank,Google Page

Rank,Overture,WayBack,Yahoo links,MSN links,Dictionary names etc

Search Recently Expired domains Cool

Find previously registered domains that are now available.

Bulk domain name availability check tool free trial version

Bulk domain name check tool

List of all domains that are 3-characters in length

List of all domains that are 4-characters in length

List of all domains that are found in the dictionary

Search the availability of all the domains that contain a particular word

International Whois Domain Lookup Expired domains list

InterNIC WHOIS Domain Lookup

See all of the domains registered under a nameserver


Advertising Keywords Research Tools
Keyword Selector Tool (How many times that term was searched on last month) (Ovt or Overture tool)

Most popular searches of the month, in the U.S. and abroad on Google.

Top searched keywords on Google International

Google adwords keyword tool

Keyword Discovery

View Max Bids and listings for a search term.(Yahoo network)

CPC (cost per click) advertising ROI (return on investment) Calculator tool

CPM (cost per thousand) impressions advertising ROI (return on investment) Calculator

100 Top Paying Keywords

Free search engine submission

Yahoo search engine free submission

Keyword Suggestion Tool

Google keyword suggestions

Google Adsense formats view WYSIWYG

Top search terms driving traffic to the sites in a particular category.

Keyword typo generator & Ebay misspellings tool

Pay Per Click Search Engine Top Bid Analyzer

Keyword Density Analyzer

$14.95 Domain Name Registration at Dotster

Traffic Analysis Tools
Get Alexa traffic details

History of a domain usage(To check what a domain has been used for in the past.)

Free Google Page Rank checker - Check Page Rank of any web site pages instantly free

Google Pagerank prediction tool

Free Link Popularity Check Tool-How popular is your Web site? This tool will show you how many other sites are linking to you.

Search engine ranking report

Number of pages indexed

Check your google search engine results position (SERP)

Domain name selling sites

Domain namse sales chart Weekly/Monthly/Yearly


Webmaster tools

Check if your site is banned by Google

Free tool to test the web to keep you safe from spyware,spam,viruses and online scams.It also reports

about web site start date,country,popularity,contact info etc.

Search engine crawler simulator

Free website speed checker

Free HTML Optimizer

HTML Source View

Link Extractor

Metatags Generator

Metatags Extractor

HTTP Headers Check

Server Status Check

Ping test

Your browser details

HTML Validator

CSS Validators

XML Validator

CSS Generator

Table Generator

Cool Menu and Navigation Generators

HTML Source Code Encryptor

Javascript Compiler

PHP Code Obfuscator

Perl Source Code Obfuscator

Telnet.cgi ... the most dangerous script on the internet

Javascript Submit Button Locker

Javascript Form Field Validator

Unix Man Page Viewer

HTML Entities Listing

HTML Color Chart

Free logo generator


IP tools
What is my IP ? Determine your IP address

Determine country from IP address

Find IP address of a website

Find host by IP address

More Resources

  • All TLD list (Top level domains)

All Country basde TLDs

All generic TLDs

All TLDs

  • Domain Names and Trademarks FAQ

Dont panic.Here is a nice FAQ to read about Domain Names and Trademarks issues.
Have a look.
Domain Names and Trademarks FAQ

United States Patent and Trademark Office
Check the trademarked names list here to verify your name

  • What is an IDN (internationalized domain name)?

There are no restrictions from ICANN on owning an accented letter domain name in .com []. In 2000, all the 170+ accented letters such as é,ó,ç,î,ž
became available for registration.
In some foreign countries those actually use these accented letters, there is a key right on the keyboard for it, and can be typed just like any other letter. All of these accented letters have a special code known as "punycode", which allow your web-browser to distinguish the accented letter from the regular letter. All 170+ single
accented letter domains are now registered.

See here list of IDN for sale

  • How to find quality domain names?

To find a high demand domain names as of now 2006 follow these rules

1.Avoid Using Numbers in Your Domain Name-Problem is you will continually have to tell the people its a number and not the word.
2.Avoid using Dashes and Underscores in Your Domain Name
3.Avoid using Abbreviations within Your Domain Name.
4.Avoid using Long Domain Names-with in 11 is good.
5.Ensure Your Domain Name is Not a Trademark Infringement
6.3 letter domain names
7.2 letter domain names
8.4 leter domain names
9.Domain names with traffic or PR ie page rank
10.Realestate related domain names,.de,.mobi domain names and all generic domain names.
12.Poker,casino games related domain names

Read a another detailed appraisal guide here

  • Interesting domain name facts

There are 253,000+ non-IDN domains that are 32 characters or longer, including 538 that are 63 characters long.

As mentioned, 100% of 2 and 3 letter domain names are taken, but it starts to free up as the number of possibilities expodes, all the way up to 63-character domain names. The most popular registered domain name length is actually 11 characters long, tailing off from there.

The most common letter to start a domain is S, with relatively few domains starting with Q, X, Y or Z.

While the most common digit to start a domain is, unsurprizingly, 1.

Short domain names (Paypal site)

  • What time Expired domain names will be deleted?

What time or when internet .com .net .info .us etc domain name will be deleted?
According to some sources and also as per my experience I see expired domain names are getting deleted every day between 5:30 and 8:00 PM GMT (1:30 and 4:00 PM EST).
.ca expired domain names will be deleted between 2:00PM-3:00PM Ottawa time everyday .

When the expired domain name will be deleted or available?
When the owner does not renew a domain, the registrar will put it on hold, usually for a couple of months, before finally letting it become available. Unfortunately, registrars keep expiring domains on hold for anything between two and six months, or even more. However, it is often possible to recognise domains that are just about to become available. When the registrar finally allows the domain to expire it is still retained in the shared registry for a further 5 or 6 days.

What is ESCROW SERVICE? How to Sell a Purchased Domain Name?

Capital gains - do domain sale profits fall under the US laws?

What is typein? wayback archive? linkpop? overture with the extension?overture without the extension? google pagerank? PR? alexa ratings?

How to Snatch an Expiring Domain

Capital gains - do domain sale profits fall under these US laws?

Domain name Hijacking tactics

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