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Friday, September 02, 2011

Setting up Arabic Input locale in Windows Vista

All of the files needed for you to view the Arabic Characters should
already installed in Windows Vista. However, you will need to install the
Arabic Keyboard Input so that you can type with the Arabic characters.
1) Click on Start button and then select Control Panel.
2) Under Clock,Language, and Region area, select Change keyboards or other input
methods link. Note: If you are in the Control Panel Classic View, then double click
on Regional and Language Options icon and click on the tab keyboard
and languages.
3) Click on the Change keyboards…button then click on Add…
4) Select the input language and keyboard.
Expand "Arabic (Egypt)" tree then Expand "Keyboard" tree from the list. Check
Keyboard Arabic (101)
5) Click OK to add the selected keyboards to the Installed Services.
6) Click OK to confirm and apply your new language settings.
7) Open any Windows application then make sure the Language Bar menu on top is set to the input language you want.

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