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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Trick to recover from Windows 2000 operating system file corruption

This method may be used for a scenario where the server storage is operational and free from issues but the operating system is showing signs of corruption. For example: When booting an error message is encountered similar to: "The following files is missing or corrupt \system32\ntoskrnl.exe".

Requirements: Windows 2000 Server CD, RAID installation drivers diskette, local NTADMIN password.

Boot from the Windows 2000 server installation media.
Press F6 to install RAID storage drivers
Once Windows 2000 Installtion CD is booted select "R" for Repair.
Then choose "C" to open the recovery console.
Select the system root from list and press Enter.
Supply local NTADMIN password.
Change to the system root directory. Example: CD \WINNT
Use "Dir $*" to locate most recent service pack uninstall directory.
Change in to the service pack uninstall directory. Example: CD $NtServicePackUninstall$
Change in to the 'spuninst' directory. Example: CD spuninst
Rename spuninst.bat to spuninst.txt
Run this command: "batch spuninst.txt"
Once complete type "exit" and press enter.
At this point the system should boot to the desktop. Logon and install latest Service Pack.
Reboot and run Windows Update and Reboot several times until all critical patches are applied

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