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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

done Forgot ESX root password?

So, you forgot the ESX root password? Maybe you just need to change it after a staff change? To save yourself the hassle of reinstalling ESX on all of your hosts follow this simple process:

Use Virtual Center to Vmotion all of the VMs to other ESX hosts. (if you have a stand alone host then power down all your VMs)
Put the host in Maintenance Mode
Reboot your ESX host.
Physically go to the ESX console. You will not be able to use a remote console like WinSCP for the next few steps.
At the first menu type “a”
At the next prompt type “single”
After ESX finishes booting you will end up at a # prompt
Type “passwd” and enter a new password
re-type the new password again when prompted
Reboot the ESX server normally. ( just type “reboot” at the # prompt)
Don’t forget to take the host out of Maintenance Mode in Virtual Center.
Yes it’s that easy. It emphasizes how critical physical security is to your data center!

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