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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Microsoft Virtual PC is Free

Secure / safe from virus,adware etc are the benefits when surfing in a virtual environment.Microsoft makes its Virtual PC 2004 product for free. Hopefully it would be better than other free virtualization products like SandBoxie and GreenBorder , for whatever reason they just won't run on some PCs.

Virtual PC is like VMWare, let you install another "virtual" computer on your real physical PC. You can use the virtual PC just like a normal computer.If there is a infection you can easily reset the virtual PC to a former pre-infection state.

You could, install free Linux distro like Ubuntu for your Virtual PC. However, if you are going to do that then you might as well use the VMWare Player a free product . You can't create a virtual PC with VMWare Player; it only allows you to run. But there are many pre-configured machines ("appliances") available for free download . You could also create an appliance using Virtual PC 2004 as VMWare Reader can use Virtual PC images.
Microsoft VirtualPC Download
VMWare Player Download
VMWare Appliances Directory

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