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Friday, June 24, 2011

eCopy sharescan 5 errors and solutions

When add a new device you get the following error
"Failed to retrieve configuration data for:ipaddress. Could not locate eCopy client"

Solution 1.Make sure the sharescan application is installed on the scanner with license.(For that you need a .jar file and a .lic file)
Solution 2.Stop and start the sharescan application on the scanner.
Solution 3.Check if any firewall in between canon scanner and the eCopy manager server.
Solution 4.A canon technician will have to reinstall the MEAP firmware on the scanner. Needs physical access to the scanner.

You get the following error in the eCopy sharescan5 administrator console/activity monitor or the users are complaining getting this error.
"Error occured while trying to update 'userdirs.txt'."
Solution: Make sure everyone group has full control access to the file userdirs.txt in the server.

How to update Canon scanner firmware remotely?
Use the following url to connect to meap service management service
http://IP Address:8000/sms

How to upgrade sharescan application 4 to 5.0.11105.0?
Connect to the meap service management service url
disable existing license file and uninstall the license file.
Uninstall the existing sharescan application.
Logoff and login.
Install the new .jar and .lic file
Start the application.
Check the installed date and the version information to make sure it is updated.

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