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Friday, October 12, 2007

Fake Web Sites

If someone sends you an email stating that Canara Bank, near Lalitha Jewellers, T. Nagar, has shifted to Kannammaet, will you go to Kannammaet, the next day immediately, and deposit your money at a cheating bank there? We will not do like that in real world. But that is what is going on in internet world.

Every day, thousands of people visit some hacker’s fake web site, that resembles the web site of Citi Bank or ICICI Bank, thinking and believing that they are visiting the web site of Citi Bank or ICICI Bank. They enter their account number and PIN there and are being cheated by such hackers. This is generally known as Phishing, that is, password harvesting fishing. The principal aim of fake web sites like this is to steal the passwords of your bank account and other important accounts. Generally, these web sites will be available online only for a few days. Cheating as many innocent persons as needed and stealing their passwords, these hackers will run away.

So, be very careful always when you handle money transactions online. When you click at links, you must be careful. Ensure whether that link takes you to the correct sites. (Picture)

Look at the following example. Keeping a board on top of the site stating that you will be taken to Yahoo, you may be cheated and taken to Google.
Click here to visit

It is safe always to type the address directly and visit the site. It is always risky to click at the link given in the email sent by someone and visit a particular web site that deals with money transactions.

A fake email that was sent to me recently with an "Important Notice" from Citi Bank takes me to the following link. A complete fake Citi Bank site is functioning there (Perhaps, it may have disappeared when you click at the link and visit that fake site). Do not enter your details on this fake Citibank web site.
Fake citibank website

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